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enhanced eDiscovery & Case Management platform

eDiscovery & Case Management Cloud Software to fuel your growth and build deeper client value & relationships.


Powerful integrated Tools for Client Value Delivery

 Expede SaaS Platform for Professional Services Firms who work with Client Data, with intelligence at its core to get you accurate results fast - every time




Automated intelligent Document Content extraction that quickly & accurately unearths all your client information. 


Closely collaborate within your team & with clients to unlock greater productivity & opportunity value.


Integrated & refined Project Management process to delivery efficient & effective results. 


Gather deeper understanding of your & clients business  to grow & find opportunities through Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Unlock your Client Information Value

Documents are Fully Searchable

  • Automatically extract the contents of your documents
  • Office, images, pdf, scans, drawings, zip, email etc.
  • No need to scan, OCR, or convert files - even old pdf
  • Sort & integrate unordered information
  • Search results availible to your team within seconds 
  • Bulk upload vast numbers of document automatically

See for yourself & upload any files 




One Simple Platform ...

Expede is an 'all-in-one' integrated Cloud platform that combines the essential Professional Services Tools that enable your team to find any client information quickly, collaborate around it, and effectively develop results.  With Microsoft Office built into the Platform reduce the need to switch applications & drive productivity. 


Microsoft Certified-1.pngHosted through Microsoft Azure Cloud with single sign-on, Expede provides the highest level of security with Microsoft Certification
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Deliver Exceptional Client Results

Faster Searching

Time Saving

Accuracy Increase

Productivity Increase

Expede Software Platform Provides...

Client Information Extraction

High speed & fully automated Information Extraction which intelligently reads all the contents of your clients documents with no need to scan or convert files.

Advanced Near-time Searching

Unlock the content of your client information & delivery your services beyond expectations for time, accuracy & outcome.  Leave nothing to chance.


Straightforward collaboration that keeps your team focused across departments, offices, contractors & clients. 

Essential Project Management

A refined Project Management solution optimised for Professional Services that focusses on team action, outcome & management efficiency.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Become an expert on your clients business & add value beyond expectation with Business Intelligence.

Deep dive into your own company operations & find new horizons with advanced Analytics.

Security & Data Protection

Meet or surpass your client standards for security with the only end to end solution of its kind with multi-tenancy Microsoft AD Certification single sign-on within Microsoft Azure.

    Grow your business & delight your clients.

       Use Expede to streamline your services by bringing your team,
       client information and deliverable together in one place.
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