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Expede is a fully integrated Project Execution System which is proven to deliver decisive performance for Projects.  From small teams to global enterprise developments, the Expede approach can be scaled to consistently improve and achieve results.

Expede is a project execution system. Everything and everyone is connected within it. Up-to-date execution information, procedures and monitoring tools are all instantly accessible so all team members can work more efficiently and bring projects in on time and budget.

How Expede Works

By eliminating the duplication of data, the whole team is able to quickly access the same single and up-to-date copy of key information. This means less time searching and a 70% increase in accuracy, so people can focus on working much more effectively. With the knock on 40% reduction in admin time the team is now free to get on with the job.

The key to managing complexity is simplicity. A huge project with multiple parties and partners needs clear processes and procedures. Expede makes it easy to maintain, locate and access key resources. It’s this flexibility that ensures the execution team always has the right information at the right time.

Projects slow down when people are waiting for something from someone else. The Expede Platform allows continuous feedback and real-time monitoring. This lets you forecast delays and address shortfalls before they occur so you can ensure your team has everything they need. And by seeing what’s happening you’ll learn what’s working, which can then be used to improve other processes.

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