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Surpass your competitors in collaboration with tools that help you build your highly effective and engaged team while delighting your Stakeholders.

Rise to the top of collaborative companies

Start tight collaboration across your company & with your Clients & Contractors to grow your business.


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Expede Collaboration is integrated with all your legal  operations tools so you never miss opportunity in your team.

Central Collaboration ...

Stop distributing documents across your team & contractors & instead provide one central version of the truth everyone can work with.  All but eliminate the risk of team members using incorrect or out of date information & the risk of sending documents outside your organization.
Expede provides a single easy to use central location that everyone can work together around core information, regardless of their location.  Act as a single team focused on delivering the planned outcome & easily hold conversations, tasks & comments around document content.
All interactions, comments & discussions are tracked and logged so you can be clear how you reached collective outcomes.  




Total Control ...

Gain the benefit of one central version of the truth, yet have total control over who can see what. Work with your team, contractors, partners, insurers & clients on the same document but allow them to only see & interact with the comments, tasks & information that you need them to.
With simple drag & drop interface, maintain total control over security with roles that prevent accidental access & support this with full tracking & compliance.
Own the outcome you are paying for & have full ownership & control of the process including contractor discussions & comments.
Work closer than ever with your clients by providing them a simple to use direct collaboration tool & increase your performance while reducing their costs.




Invite Others ...

At the heart of Expede access is Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) single sign-on. This allows your team & your company to access Expede the same way you access your Microsoft products.  As Expede is fully certified by Microsoft as a mult-tenancy AD application your IT team can maintain policy & security through their existing Microsoft accounts.
Expede is the only collaboration solution that enables you to extend this to outside companies such as contractors & clients.  Through a simple drag & drop interface invite external companies to join you in Expede & they will be able to access Expede through their own company Microsoft account. This ensures external users are outside your company users, yet maintaining their own.
This is essential for your clients IT groups who increasingly need to have direct control over their user access.




All-in-One Fully Integrated Legal & Operations Management Software for                 Your Entire Team


project management software


Achieve excellence with management software born from project management best practices.
Deliver the plan & scope with an integrated project management solution.
Address your greatest challenges with refined project management tools.
team collaboration software


Deliver exceptional results through team collaboration software developed from top business collaboration strategies.
Create effective communication & team interaction both within your company & externally with your clients & suppliers with online collaboration tools.


Unlock the value of all information & documents. Substantially increase accuracy of work while significantly reducing the time needed to search for key information.
With eDiscovery, automatically capture the contents of documents including scanned PDF & images.
Document Management System

Document Management

Get full control of your documents, from historical to new templates with a simple to use file management system. Find what ever you need, when you need it with document imaging & search. Work with one version of the truth with automated document version control & a fully integrated document management system.



Total Quality Management

Easily support your quality assurance requirements with integrated TQM tools, built from total quality management principals. Automatically capture all interactions & document history & meet or exceed your governance, client & legislative needs.

kms tools

Knowledge Management

Unlock the true value of your business & grow your competitive edge. Through KMS tools automatically capture not only what was done by the team but also how it was done. Integrate historical information & build your knowledge management system & support knowledge sharing.
business intelligence tools

Business Intelligence

With Expede being an All in One solution, easily deep dive into how you are operating your company with business intelligence tools.  Quickly identify opportunities to grow your business & competitive edge & then simply monitor progress through reporting services.

Business Analytics

With a rich array of business objects indexed & stored within Expede, apply analytics tools & perform advanced business analytics.  Move your business to new levels & grow your competitive position & pricing certainty with forecast modeling.
time management apps

Time Management

Leave behind inaccurate manual time management with time management tools that automatically record team time. Everything is captured so you can obtain true & deep understand of how things are done & easily identify efficiency to grow your competitive edge & simplify billing.

Email Tracking

With automated Microsoft Outlook integration, easily drag & drop emails into Expede from Outlook. Address the challenges of email attachments, with automated extraction, indexing & content gathering. Get control & collaborate with your team & manage emails like any other document.

office 365

Integrated Microsoft Office

Significantly reduce your time & stop switching between applications & windows. With Office online fully integrated into Expede, simply work on your documents alongside the information you need. With co-working & auto save to Expede it really simplifies your business.  Gain the functionality you know with the security, integration & Business Intelligence of Expede.
Microsoft Azure

Cyber Security

Reduce your cyber risk & boost security while providing your company & clients complete confidence on integrity. Expede is hosted through Microsoft Azure the most certified cloud solution available which is used by 80%+ of enterprises. Expede is fully certified by Microsoft for company wide user access through Microsoft AD multi tenancy single sign on. 

   Grow your business with a refined
   & proven management approach.
   Use Expede to streamline your operations by bringing your team, information
      and deliverables together in one place.
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