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Value Is Appreciated Long After Cost Is Forgotten

Transparent, Value Based Pricing that Scales with your Business...

All License levels receive the key benefits of Expede with: eDiscovery, Enterprise Search, Collaboration & Project Management, but with the right level of features for your Team and your Business.





An entry level all-in-one tool for your Legal & Contracts Management.

For Small Teams with limited amounts of External Information to manage.


minimum 12 month contract

Required Onboarding $2,500 


Standard Performance

10 Users 

$75/month per additional user 


150,000 Pages eDiscovered

per annum

$60 per 1,000 Pages extra

200,000 Page Fast Access Storage

$100 per 10,000 Pages extra 


Included in Basic:

Full Document eDiscovery

Document Management System

Refined Project Management 

Base User Dashboard

Internal Collaboration

Email Integration with Attachments

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in

Office Online Integrated

Base Enterprise Search

Base Knowledge Management

Microsoft AD Single Sign-on

Base Reporting

Service Level Agreement with 99.9%

Full System Redundancy

Full Backup

Microsoft Azure AD Certified Solution




An integrated solution for Enterprise.

For mid to large size Teams who handle External Information & collaborate externally.


minimum 12 month contract

Required Onboarding $4,800


Peak Performance

50 Users

$50/month per additional user  


400,000 Pages eDiscovered

per annum

$40 per 1,000 Pages extra

500,000 Page Fast Access Storage

$100 per 10,000 Pages extra  


Included in Enterprise:

Everything in Basic, plus:

System Peak Performance 

External Collaboration

Advanced Enterprise Search

Advanced Knowledge Management

Advanced Reporting

Advanced User Dashboard

Management Dashboard

Business Intelligence Data Gathering

Custom User Roles

Custom Project Set-up









Custom Enterprise

 Advanced software for Legal Operations Management.

For large enterprise companies who need to manage in-house operations with analytics.


Custom billing

Custom Onboarding






Dedicated eDiscovery



Dedicated Page Fast Access Storage



Included in Custom Enterprise:

Everything in Enterprise, plus:

Cost Tracking 

Business Analytics

Custom Reporting

Access to Customization

Access to Bulk Document Processing

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Page Processing

Dedicated Azure Configuration

Guaranteed System Performance









Billing also available in: British Pounds, Australian Dollars & Singaporean Dollars

 Add -Ons

Add these to the Professional Plan for greater results



  • Business Intelligence 
  • Business Analytics Package
  • Multi-Global Locations
  • Additional Users
  • Customer Billing Reports
  • On-site Training
  • On-site Strategy Support



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pages eDiscovered?

For each document page that is uploaded into Expede (this excludes documents created within Expede),  Expede undertakes an advanced eDiscovery process of automatically and intelligently extracting all the information from the document page.  This process is undertaken automatically during the upload process and does not require any manual configuration.  Page content eDiscovery is performed for all major file formats including email attachments, scanned PDF and images.  The Page content eDiscovery performs among other things Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract all the text from the document pages. The content of each document page is then made available for near-time advanced document searching.   The process applied by Expede is extremely fast & typically takes only a few seconds to gather and index this information. 

What is Peak Performance?

From the Professional License upwards, Expede provides a flexible high performance solution.  Expede will automatically adjust in real-time its systems resources to meet the demands being made by your team.

This ensures that you will never experience delay or slower processing due to increased team use.   Therefore the high speed of Expede will remain the same, from a handful of users through to thousands of users throughout the world.  We understand time is money, so we use the very latest Cloud technology to ensure you receive the very best service.

What is Fast Access Storage?

To ensure Expede provides a consistent and fast service, we use a process that keeps all information locally indexed and stored in high speed responsive storage.  This technology goes far beyond simple hard drive storage of files and instead ensures all information in Expede can be accessed in the same time frames, regardless of when uploaded into Expede.   This technology also supports the Business Intelligence and Business Analytics within Expede and enables near real-time monitoring and response.

Do I need to pay for a year up front?

Yes, Expede contracts are billed annually. We have found that once customers  have committed to using Expede for at least a year they receive the greatest value and experience.  This also enables us to provide you the very best onboarding experience and to ensure you get the greater long-term benefit to your business.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is a one off fee that is designed for new customers on the Basic and Professional License Levels.  

With the help of Implementation Specialists, you will be guidance and support to properly configure the Expede software and Optional assistance to leverage the Expede tools and Operational Management Methodology.

Enterprise Level customers will be provided a customized onboarding solution. 

Is there any variable fees?

Yes,  Each License level receives a generous allowance for Page content eDiscovery and Fast Access Storage.  In the event that you need to process more pages then a variable price for this is applied.  As these processes are system resource heavy we pass this additional cost onto the customer.  Additional Page Processing can be purchased in bulk and is available for use throughout the years contract. 





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