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professional services SOFTWARE

That creates greater value by Unlocking Client's Data & Team Performance

Through a Simple Proven Approach...



Get to the root cause of the issue accurately & quickly through interrogation of ALL client Information provided through automated document reading.



Quickly act with accuracy & efficiency upon your clients needs with simple yet effective management methods & team collaboration



Deliver exceptional results to your client through the outcome of knowledge & action. Focus the team on delivering accurate expert solution.

Gather information to provide higher value work

 eDiscovery with intelligent automated technology, which goes beyond just OCR and accurately recovers the text & document information from nearly any file format including email, pdf, photos & images. With Expede's unique Machine Learning, extract your clients data for a fraction of conventional cost & time without compromising accuracy & performance.
Advanced Search enables you and your team to search across the content of all client information and to quickly find & compile relevant documents. Search across all information, project, department or the entire client record in near real-time.

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A Valued Adviser

Breakdown company silos to provide true client value by providing an integrated approach to solving issues. Easily collaborate with your colleagues across other departments & look for mutual growth opportunities. 
Action & Outcome focused on getting the work & scope completed efficiently. Expede provides the essential and action focused collaboration tools to get the job done.
Client Portal with direct interaction between you & your client . Control access to your internal discussions, yet interact with the client on the same central document. 

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Deliver peak performance

Focus on outcome through Action Management across the team through to supervisor and management tracking with integrated batch working practices. 
Real-time monitoring to ensure issues can be addressed before they cause delays and that everyone is clear on the progress on their work and the overall scope.
Document Management System that provides a simple and familiar way of working along with automatic revision, change and Action impact notifications. 

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Return on Investment...

Professional Services Teams spend much of their time trying to find information & collaborate with colleagues. That's time that should be spent on adding value to clients.
Productivity increase in your team is what clients are increasingly expecting, which often leads to growing value of work. 
Don't be left behind by asking Clients to pay for inefficiency & administration or passing them the bill for expensive legacy software.

ROI of 100x 

on Cost Savings alone

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Firms using Expede have experienced ...

Information Identification Efficiency Increase


Accuracy of Information Used Increased


Scope Increase due to Client Collaboration


Efficiency Increase of Administration


Email is still essential for your work

Microsoft Outlook Integration through a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that enables you to manage emails replication in Expede automatically. 
Automatic Email Attachment Handling with extraction that saves these files into Expede linked to the origin email & of course recovers the attachments text content for searching & reviewing.
Archive & Bulk email handling by ingesting Microsoft Outlook archive files with search optimised copies of the email in date sequence along with all attachments saved as separate searchable documents.

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Protect your business & reputation

All information interaction is tracked by Expede including who reviewed what information & for how long, page by page with total confidence that what has been undertaken is audited to the highest level.
Original files are stored as a Locked Legal Copy with total control over the ability to download or even print these documents. Once uploaded it is not possible to change or corrupted the file. Expede provides a complete logical copy of the original for users to interact with.
Total information security is available if all information is managed within Expede. Eliminate the need to distribute files.

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Unlock historical knowledge of your company

If its electronic Expede can easily unlock its value using the same technology as Electronic Discovery.
Central Categorization through a simple central document categorisation process that links similar documents together regardless of location, title or age.
Bulk recovery & auto indexing based on content even with a large volume of documents and emails, Expede is able to categorize information by content.

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Active Directory Single Sign on

Sign in through your company Microsoft AD Account. With full Multi tenancy access certified by Microsoft.


Global Enterprise Cloud

Hosted through Microsoft Azure as a local or global solution. You choose the location of your data.


Security & Data Protection

with Microsoft providing the first layer of defence with additional encryption provided by Expede. Data is protected at all times.

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Compatibility & Integration

with Microsoft Office suite & most file formats including pdf & image files with full text & metadata extraction.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

with committed availability of 99.9% which is validated by Microsoft. Geo data replication available if required.


High Performance SaaS

through Microsoft Azure with browser based high performance even with limited internet coverage or available computer power.