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Powering the Deep Value Economy

Expede Empowers Professional Service Firms to Unlock Growth using Data Driven Insights.

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Navigating the Deep Value Economy
Empowering Deep Value Providers

Software created with empathetic knowledge, a devotion to simplicity and efficiency, so you can succeed.

Expede is the first vertically-focused Professional Services platform using automation, intelligent information management and advanced business intelligence. 

Evergreen data Management

Built With Empathy

We couldn't find what our clients needed, so we created it.Our platform has been built to make valuable business insights comprehensible, and close to hand. 

See how Expede generates high-quality data for business endurance:

Our Platform

Comprehensive value

Fixed Pricing

Tiered, tailored price points for Consultants, Practices and Firms; we've got solutions for consultants, small, medium and large businesses.

Look into our variable billing
to suit your project size:

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Our history

Our Journey So Far

Originally a Professional Services Firm who provided Management Consulting and Engineering services to major enterprise, set up in 2005.

A decade later, we had completely reconceived our business:

About Expede

Intellectual Capital

Unlocking Intellectual Capital

Insights into customer behaviour have become a decisive influence in business relationships behind high-quality business relationships. The value which can be unlocked comes from understanding information management, performance management, data insights and client collaboration - are the cornerstone modules which make up our platform.

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Some of our latest blogs to support you becoming a Deep Value Firm