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Expede Professional Services Platform

A Complete Solution for Professional Services Firms

Product features


Move Data

Upload files up to 100GB each

Organise directories and import them directly into Expede

Split email attachments
Remove duplicate files before upload

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Advanced Search

Everything imported into Expede becomes searchable content

Search within almost any file including images, pdf images and even old scans without OCR.

Comprehensive audit trail

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Define and assign tasks
Track progress in timeline view

Constant tracking keeps a clear record of project tasks

Smart task notifications support team progress

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Business Intelligence

A suite of advanced tools for business leaders

Mine your company data to drive growth

Mine your client data to deliver real, long term value to your clients

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Built on Microsoft Azure

The Cloud Platform Preferred by 95% of Fortune 500 Companies

azure cloud services

Built On Strength

  • Highest security for your client data
  • Certification from Microsoft
  • Full audit on client data interaction
  • Meet GDPR other legislative needs
  • User access controlled through your Microsoft Active Directory