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5 Keys to becoming a Deep Value Provider


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1. Intelligent Information Management

Break down information silos

The Value of information is fickle and decreases the longer it's unacknowledged. Through using an Intelligent Information Management System the value of data is Evergreen. Your client and firm data present and historical must be easily found, fully searchable and accessible immediately for this to be achieved. This will increase efficiency, remove "information silos"  and make sure information reaches the right people at the right time


2. Top Line Performance

Where productivity and efficiency come together

The life of professional services firm is often made up of differing scopes for clients and it can be difficult to have a standardised approach. The result of this is most firms leave completion methods up to individuals directly. Top Line Performance means, knowing exactly what your firms highest value activities are and having systems in place to make sure this is where your staff are spending most of their time and added transparency to measure for inefficiencies and areas of improvement  
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3. Data Driven Insights

Become the Go-To for your Clients

Arguably the biggest key to success in the Deep Value Economy, Data Driven Insights means using the benefits from steps 1 and 2 to to go beyond being a service provider and move towards being an integrated contributor. Through having more accurate forecasts, higher quality analytics and a 360 degree of yours and your clients business empowers you to create dynamic growth strategies. Being a data driven organisation enables you to generate unique insights for clients both internal and external 

4. Client Collaboration

You're almost there.

Once you've pulled your teams together and complied the necessary data the next step is work on tighter collaboration with the client.  Through providing unique insights to the client, get them turning to you for solutions rather than internally, using technology to securely augment your collaboration process makes professional accountability a simple process and stops complexity creeping in. When collaboration is seamless it opens a path to finalise the shift from service provider to Integrated Contributor
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5. Client Integration

The End Goal

Seamless integration is the goal for any firm hoping to be a Deep Value Provider. Knowing each client is unique, you want to be seen as an extension of their business. This is only possible with steps 1-4 achieved. The biggest shift is from providing reactive ad-hoc services to being a proactive contributor who is an essential part of a client's on going growth or risk management strategies. It takes a great deal of credibility and absolute trust and is only possible when you're responsible for unique insights driven from their data and your expertise. 

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