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True success can be found quickly by addressing your client's immediate problem and then looking beyond to develop real, sustained value.

At Expede we work tirelessly to provide our customers with the means to become a visionary partner to their clients.

Doug Friday
Expede Founder and CEO

How we got here

In 2005 Doug Friday founded Expede as a professional services company consulting to major projects in the oil and gas and resources sectors thriving in Western Australia. It quickly became apparent that huge amounts of time and resources were being wasted on these projects due to people simply not having the right information in front of them when they needed it. The range of documents affected by this was enormous from contracts to claims, tenders to minutes of meetings. There was a real and pressing need for an intervention and the first version of Expede was the result.

Over the intervening years our software has been developed in partnership with our clients in professional services businesses. Each of these brought their own needs and we learned from them and improved the core product giving people better tools to manage documentation and workflows.

Enter the Cloud. Expede evolved into a Microsoft Azure application as cloud technology matured. Expede takes advantage of Azure services and a mix of other technologies to deliver extremely fast document uploading and processing speeds. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and uses Active Directory as a key part of ensuring user roles are well defined and secured. 

In 2019 Expede goes from a closely guarded secret shared amongst a small group of project managers, law firms and engineering firms, to a global audience. We can't wait to help your business take command of your data and deliver ongoing client success by unlocking the information capital stored within your projects and cases.

A Startup with a Track Record 

Take a look through our journey so far

Work story-04


Expede is formed as a professional services company, serving clients in the energy sector.

Work story-11


Expede wins a major professional services contract from Shell 

Work story-13


Expede is awarded a number of long-term frame agreement contracts to provide management and consulting services

Work story-11


Expede enters the litigation space successfully supporting a $150 million (AUD) claim

Work story-13


The company wins more contracts to support enterprise-sized companies. The software begins to take shape.

Work story-11


Expede is successfully deployed to analyse 154 contracts worth $45 billion (AUD)

Work story-13


Our first automated document reading and processing engine is developed.

Work story-11


The total number of documents processed by Expede crosses the million mark

Work story-13


Expede software, now entering its SaaS version, is used to rescue projects in distress, saving clients' projects from total collapse.

Work story-11


Using millions of data points, our analytics modeling system was released.

Work story-13


Clients install Expede using in-house dedicated servers.

Work story-11


Expede joins Microsoft Azure as an enterprise application. Expede becomes Active Directory Multi-Tenancy certified.

Work story-13


Expede is made available from the Azure Marketplace

Work story-11


A new office is established and recruitment undertaken to prepare Expede for its global launch in 2019

Meet some of the team

We are here to help

Jan Friday

Jan Friday

Chief Customer & Talent Officer

As the co-founder of Expede, Jan represents our customers and our people, the two most important things to Expede and what gets us out of bed in the morning.
Coordinating the culture at Expede while keeping an eye on the changing world of work and business, identifying businesses and opportunities where Expede could help companies thrive.
doug crop

Doug Friday

Founder, MD and CEO

Doug provides the strategic vision behind Expede. He believes in the people who's individual skills and knowledge are the heart of professional services and wants to provide technology that gives those professionals the ability to succeed.

Leanne Devereux

Leanne Devereux

Operations and Finance Manager 

Leanne ensures Expede and its customers receive what they need efficiently and effectively. A chartered accountant that loves delivering results in complex environments.


Matt McEwen

Marketing Specialist 

Matt sculpts content for this website. He’s always on the lookout for news and information that will help businesses release their intellectual capital.


Ben Heath

Development Manager

Ben has managed the creation of Expede from the first line of code to the latest release. He is constantly developing the latest technologies to give businesses a competitive edge.


Samual Ingram

Sales and Customer Success Expert

With nearly 10 years of B2B Sales Experience, Samual is our go-to-guy for driving adoption of Expede and making our customers really successful.