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  • Conquer is an extension for leadership teams.
  • Make decisions and plan with confidence, knowing you are making your mind up using the most accurate information from your project data
  • Deep dive into your own business’ operation with Expede’s business intelligence tools.
  • Unlock historical knowledge of your company
  • Quickly identify opportunities to grow your business and then monitor your progress.
  • If it is electronic Expede can easily unlock its value.
  • Look for themes within your data, unlock the knowledge stored in previous projects to speed up implementation of new work
  • Manage your projects with deep insight into progress, team activities & changes.
  • Rest easy knowing that every task & activity on the project can be easily managed.
  • Team members can keep track of what they need and what their colleagues need to deliver their value.
  • With automated updates on project documents, everyone can stay up to date with new information & changes that may impact them.
  • Bulk recovery & auto indexing based on content even with a large volume of documents and emails, Expede is able to categorize information by content.
  • Expede’s real time tracking of all actions builds a robust picture of how a project or business is operating. Leaders will capitalise on these insights to drive growth.