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The Culture Code


It’s a reflection of what of Expede stands for as an organisation

Our employees are key to ensuring we succeed

We strive to provide you with a work environment that you enjoy spending time in as we know this can help to improve your performance each and every day.

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Our Culture Influence...

True & abiding happiness in work comes from being deeply engaged in solving a problem with talented people you know are also deeply engaged in solving it, and from knowing that the customer loves the product  or service you have worked so hard to make

Patty McCord


It’s one thing to say you want a great culture, its’s quite another to mindfully shape peoples thoughts and beliefs around this vision you have.

Laurie Sudbrink

Inc Forbes Coaches Council

In 2018,one of the most important parts of building a company culture is related to creating a work place that is respectful

Angela Copeland

Copeland Coaching

 Our people believe in what we are trying to accomplish . We love our story. We believe in our culture

Doug Friday




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