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Top Line Performance Module

Improve your firm's Top Line Performance by using Expede to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity



Where Your Team Comes Together to Deliver Value

Combined with the benefits of the Information Management Module, Expede puts all the right information at the fingertips of your team along with simple project interfaces, dashboards, charts, document commenting, document integration, action management, collaboration and document creation tools, to enable your team to deliver exception performance and delight your clients.    All in one place, with one Platform, hosted and certification from Microsoft.


Effectively manage your team wherever they are!

With management tools, charts and dashboards its easy to stay on top of your projects, no matter how many you are managing.  Expede keeps you focused by isolating each project dashboard, so you only need to think about your task at hand - no more distractions.  When you need that total overview, Expede provides a simple real-time management summary of all projects with document updates, action status and even time being spent.

Use the management dashboard for total team overview of progress and then drill down to team members and individual actions when you need to.  All in the knowledge your team can easily raise aspects to your attention and ask for help and guidance when needed and that you don't need to spend your time chasing or trying to get update status.

Meet your Client and management reporting without needing to break away from your value adding work, keeping everyone up to date comes as standard with Expede.

Now everyone, including you the manager can put aside inefficient and frustrating work practices and focus your time and efforts on delivering real Client Deep Value.


Get efficiency from email

Emails are the cornerstone of any Professional Services Firm, but they can drive terrible team efficiency if they are used to manage internal teams and to drive action, collaboration and deliverable management.  Expede moves all this low efficiency into one simple focused platform and lets email be used for its main benefit - communicating outside your firm and with your Clients.

We understand much of your information and Client discussions are on email, so through our simple Microsoft Outlook Plug-in you can easily have every important email replicated in Expede, with its attachments automatically extracted, indexed and searchable.  So now your team can treat email as any other document and work around it collaboratively rather than replicating with confusion - this one simple step will shift you firm overnight to one of performance.

Grow your data and lay foundations for the future

The next generation of highly successful Professional Service Firms will use data and analytics to drive their firm and to deliver exceptional value to their Clients.   Developing a means of gathering the right information and then arranging this to be valuable is complex and often requires a long standing and expensive shift on how the firm operates. Only large firms have the means to built this capability - until now!  Expede has data gathering at its core, every type of information you use from your firm and Client is automatically indexed along with how your team spend their time in delivering your work.  As you use Expede's Information & Performance Management modules (base Platform)  the system is gathering data for your future.  


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