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Intelligent Information Management 

One click access to all the info you need.

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Where All of Your Information Documents Come Together

At the heart of success in the Deep Value Economy lies effective use of the right information at the right time, both from within your firm and your Clients. Expede's Intelligent Information Management System gives you a single source of truth and uses Artificial Intelligence to turn both Client and firm data into the asset it should be.

Turn Email Into An Asset

With the average worker receiving 121 emails a day, the missing link to a project or case you're working could be buried in unsearchable attachments. Expede tackles this head on by providing simple to use Email extraction technology, that brings all emails under control extracts all attachments, making them instantly searchable, while maintaining permanent connections across sources.



Why Use Expede?  

Instantly Searchable Document Contents

All documents loaded into Expede become instantly searchable across all the content. No need to scan or enter meta data, with Expede uses advanced indexing and search technology to give you one click access to everything you need.

Simple Information Extraction & Management

No matter how unordered your historical files or client information is. With Expede AI engine remove duplicate files & find what you need by the content of the files, not by unreliable coding or heavily manual processes. Immediately you will have access to build the unique insights necessary in the Deep Value Economy.

State of the Art Security

As the currency of security continues to grow Expede provides customers the highest level of data integrity and security. Track all interactions with client data and maintain full control on who can see and interact with information at document level. Expede is backed by Microsoft Security and Certification trusted by 95% of Enterprise Companies.

No more jumping from application to application

Finding information is one thing, but extracting & compiling all the relevant Information can be complex & time consuming. Expede removes the complexity by giving you a simple way to create a single reliable record in app and don't worry, you'll still see originals and even be able to track any changes which might impact your work.
Office 365 software integration

No need to waste time switching applications or file storage locations,
Office365 is Fully Embedded within the Expede Platform.

Your team can gain instant access to Word, Excel PowerPoint without needing to switch applications.
Work collaboratively on tasks and let Expede take care of revisions, consistency security.

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