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  • Upload and securely store documents in any format along with their folder history, no files rejected.
  • Decide to overwrite or skip duplicate files before an upload begins. 
  • No need to presort or order folders or files, Expede will automatically do this for you and remove systems files.
  • No need to outsource the process of sorting, uploading or document content capture, Expede provides a better, faster service.




Fast Upload

  • Expede MASS desktop upload application provides the latest cloud transfer technology to enable the fastest and most reliable upload service.
  • Transfer files into Expede at up to 1GB per second. 
  • Upload files up to a massive 100GB each without slowing the upload process.
  • MASS adapts to your processing power and internet speeds to maximise transfer speeds. 



Intelligent Processing

  • Expede artificial intelligence reviews each page and determines the best method to recover its contents.
  • Expede document content extraction automatically happens during the upload process in near real time, files are available immediately after upload.
  • Expede captures the contents of  business files including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf, pdf images, photos, .pst, html, and email.
  • Emails can be uploaded individually or in .pst format, Expede will replicate folders, remove, store, link & make searchable attachments.
  • Even odd or non-conforming file names are supported. Other systems will reject files that don't conform to modern storage conventions.
  • Expede will capture folder and file relationships while flattening the folder structure in Expede to support greater security and productivity.
  • .zip files can be automatically unloaded and saved within Expede.
  • Files can also be added within the Expede platform by simple drag and drop.


  • Uploads are fully audited with complete details of all documents provided as a detailed quality control record.
  • Sync folder structures with Expede to ensure files are copied to the intended location & reduced risk of user error.
  • Auto managing, even if interrupted or the PC is switched off, the application keeps track & will resume services as soon as possible.
  •  Secure access controlled through each user's Microsoft Active Directory with auto sign-in.