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Expede Order Form Sample

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This Order Form is automatically generated as part of the sign-up process. Below is a sample for reference:

Expede Pty Ltd. (ABN: 34 115 009 366)


Licence Holder: {Company}

Name of Authorised Person: {Company Contact}

I, {Company Contact}, confirm that I am authorised to place an Oder for {Company} and approve the Order on the following basis:

  1. {Subscription Details}

To also include all additional Users, Services & Supporting Services approved by {Company} for the duration of the Term.

  1. Term: {Term}
  2. Payment Terms: {Payment Terms}
  3. Initial Named User: {Company Contact}
  4. Hosting Location: {Hosting Location}
  5. In accordance with: Form of Agreement, EXLS-C600-002 Expede Lic & Services Standard Terms & Conditions, EXSL-7007-004 Service Level Agreement, EXSS-7003-002 Services Specification, EXTS-7002-004 Platform Specification and EXSSS-7009-003 Support Services Specification. As detailed within {hyperlink}
  6. Special Conditions: {Special Conditions}