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Expede Software for Professional Services

Powering Deep Value Driven Professional Firms 

All-in-One Deep Value Software Platform

Everything you need to effectively provide your clients Deep Value and propel your firm above the competition

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Automated Intelligent Data Capture lies at the heart of Expede

Focus on your work and let the Platform gather insights on your client's company in order to see how you can better provide Deep Value with Expede's simple integrated Modules that grow with your Business

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Start with the Central Platform & gain immediate benefit through Information, Collaboration & Performance Management - in the knowledge that you are laying the foundations to becoming a data driven Deep Value firm


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Information Management 

The home of all firms and your clients documents, with everything automatically searchable and indexed, find what you need when you need it.  From your firms historical records through to today - unlock your firms intellectual capital and gain deep insight into your Clients business to drive deeper value.

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Performance Management 

Drive simple top line performance across your team, with tools and information they can trust, they can focus on providing your core deep value. With Microsoft Office integrated, operate from a single high performance platform.



Data Driven Insight 

Become a data driven firm, with deep data insights into how your firm and clients operate, with Business Intelligence and Analytical tools, move your firm to a world without competition - provide unprecedented deep value to your clients and grow your firm from the solid roots of data insight. 



Client Collaboration

Go beyond conventional collaboration and provide your Clients a superior way to work together and deliver a high performance outcome.  Develop a deeper trusted relationship you can build upon to become the firm of choice.

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Client Integration 

Provide a truly proactive deep value service, when you are ready to integrate with your Clients and gain access to their information in real-time. You can do so in the knowledge the Platform you have chosen has been built to do just this, with the highest levels of security that your Clients IT team can manage themselves - welcome to the new proactive world of a Deep Value Provider.


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