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Plans to Empower Projects, Teams and Companies

Choose the right one for your business

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$642USD per month
billed annually 
Ideal for individual teams working on a single project or case
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  • 50GB Searchable Content
  • Up to 20 Users
  • 20GB Included Archive Storage
    • Includes MASS, Reveal and Roam
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$1540USD per month
billed annually
Deliver peak performance for your clients across multiple projects and cases, for large firms
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  • 250GB Searchable Content
  • Up to 100 Users
  • 100GB Included Archive Storage
    • Includes MASS, Reveal and Roam
      • Integrations Available
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Business Intelligence 

Enterprise Analytics

CONQUER brings together a suite of tools and reports that give real time analysis of existing information and projects as well as powerful ways to unlock the value of your company's stored data.

Expede scales right along with your business needs. As your plans become reality use CONQUER to realise your forward strategy.

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Need More Power?

Try these add-ons

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50GB Extra Archive Storage

Never lose your work again! 

 Adding extra Archive Storage lets you swap data into your store for use when you need it.

  • Easily provided as a service to your clients
  • Keeps all changes on file to documents
  • Easily accessed if you need to re-open the file
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Certified Secure Deletion

Virtual Document Shredding

 Secure Deletion is a certified process. We make sure all files are securely destroyed.

  • Removes all copies from all databases
  • Certified by our engineers
  • Guaranteed file destruction  
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30GB Searchable Content Top-Up

Winning new business? 

Get more Searchable Content and power through the biggest workloads.

  • From $13 per GB a month
  • Added to your pool so you're never left wanting
  • Turn on and off as needed
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