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  • Find all the information you need, when you need it.
  • Go beyond OCR and accurately recover the text and document information from nearly any file format including email, pdf, photos and images.
  • Files aren’t just indexed their contents become fully searchable.
  • Sort & integrate unordered information.
  • Search results are returned in seconds.
  • Search across all information, project, department or the entire record in near real-time.
  • Automatic email attachment handling saves files into Expede linked to the original email and recovers attachments for searching and reviewing.
  • Turn complex search results into an overview document that links directly to original source documents improving the speed and accuracy of reporting.
  • Documents are processed in near real-time and fully indexed for fast search as soon as the file is uploaded.
  • Upload emails and .pst archives and Expede will extract all the content including any document and image attachments.
  • Using advanced technology Expede can handle scanned PDF, images and nearly every file format.
  • Original files are stored as a locked legal copy with total control over the ability to download or even print these documents. Once uploaded it is not possible to change or corrupt the file. Expede provides a complete copy of the original for users to interact with.
  • Total information security is assured once all information is managed within Expede. The need to distribute files eliminated.