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Teamwork redefined
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  • Your team can find and compile the information they need into dynamic records for comment and direct reference
  • Expede provides a singular version of documents for collaborative editing.
  • Centralised data means work can be conducted from any office or home anywhere around the world as long as there is internet access. 
  • Focus team activity on delivering the planned outcome through centralisation of conversations, comments task allocation and comments.
  • Expede logs every action taken giving you granular insight into team performance.
  • Work with your team, contractors, partners and clients on the same document but allow them to only see and interact with the appropriate information.
  • Work closer than ever with your clients by providing them with a simple to use direct collaboration tool.
  • Through a simple drag and drop interface invite your clients to join you with total control over what they see and can interact with.
  • Efficiently assign tasks and actions to team members.
  • Capture actions at the source by identifying a point of interest within any document and assign an action to a team member.
  • Never again lose a task or misunderstand what other team members need.
  • Retain the history and decision-making process with confidence in the results.
  • Be confident that your project information is accurate and up-to-date via Expede’s automated document management system.
  • Automatic revision control & team notifications ensure everyone is using the most accurate and current information.