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Move Data

MASS moves data fast from your computer into Expede. It is the start of your Expede experience. Using the latest Microsoft Azure technology means you can upload files up to 100GB each using MASS in a fraction of the time other methods require.

No matter what type of data you intend to add or the way you need to organise it, use MASS to get your data organised and searchable with impressive speed and ease of use. Everything imported into Expede is searchable, including contents of image files, older scanned documents and pdf images. 

Across many business tasks from complex discovery to tender document management, MASS gets your files where you need them, fast. Less time wasted staring at progress bars, more spent delighting your clients. 

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Discover and Deliver

REVEAL: Professionals get fast, efficient document management through REVEAL keeping them organised and on task. No more wondering where that important contract, job specification or email attachment has gone REVEAL puts all this information right in front of you, when you need it. REVEAL’s advanced search capabilities drill down into documents, emails, pdfs, images and  email attachments quickly and accurately.

Piecing together a conversation between parties that took place over a long-time involving email, texts, perhaps calendar events? REVEAL’s advanced searching abilities will guide you to the right answers every time.

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Collaborate and Co-Ordinate

ROAM: Helps team members collaborate on tasks and documents, breaking down silos within companies and departments. Energise team performance through real time, action focused reporting. Expede is constantly capturing information providing managers with clever insights into how their projects are progressing, identifying areas of improvement and success. Whether your team is spread over an office, a city or the globe, ROAM keeps everyone working together.

Making sure your projects are on track shouldn’t need a bunch of meetings and emails. Expede’s ROAM environment makes managing tasks easy and discrete. When notifications arrive, they won’t pull your focus just so you can acknowledge them. Managers will enjoy the ability to track team performance using ROAMs constant monitoring to ensure project deliverables are on track.

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Analyse and Advise 

CONQUER: For executives driving company wide improvement. Use CONQUER to proactively analyse data to identify risk, and strategically deploy resources, and training. CONQUER enables you to build sustainable business offerings for your client and move you beyond the competition.

CONQUER brings together a suite of tools and reports that give real time analysis of existing information and projects as well as powerful ways to unlock the value of your company's stored data. Expede scales right along with your business needs. As your plans become reality use CONQUER to realise your forward strategy.

People have always relied on their experience when making decisions. Some call it “trusting the gut” but we know information is more powerful then intuition. Make great decisions and show leadership by unlocking the intellectual capital stored in your business.

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