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The Game Has Changed

Welcome to the Deep Value Economy

Professional Services Redefined

A fundamental shift has occurred in the Professional Service environment: firms are no longer the sole driving force behind relationships. 

The result is fierce competition within these industries. There is a palpable desire for for clients to bring their professional service providers 'in-house' within the market, which threatens to lower the value of cornerstone services, even established firms are not immune.The industry has changed from being focused on inputs to outputs. 

In the midst of this shift, there’s expansive opportunity to be taken for those willing to adapt

Success will come to those who recognise the opportunity this change represents. Progressive companies who are proactively embracing new ways to adapt and evolve are the ones poised for growth. 

The opportunity lies in adding deeper value to your client relationships not just in having more of them; this dynamic new landscape is called the Deep Value Economy.

What is Deep Value?

Deep Value uses a combination of your expertise, knowledge and access to unique data, to create deeper insights and better business results for your clients. In an era of collaboration, the end goal is to become fully integrated with your client’s business, and invaluable to their ongoing success.

The 5 Keys To Becoming a Deep Value Provider

Change can be complex; the steps to becoming a Deep Value Provider would be too if Expede hadn't simplified them.

When an industry is in a state of flux or stagnation, knowing where to start is the biggest challenge. Transitioning to a data-driven approach heralds the potential for a 23-fold increase in acquisition of new customers, and up to 59% annual revenue growth (McKinsey "DataMatics" survey).

Top performing businesses develop successfully by analysing their customers' behaviours and needs. These analytics allow for collaboration which delivers superior , deep value to their clients, and secures long-term relationships. 

What makes customer analytics easy to use for top performing businesses is:

  1. Comprehensive detail -  translating ROI metrics into a single 'currency', on a single dashboard
  2. Easy to use -  to be able to drill down to the information needed
  3. Fast access - the ability to report on specific activities without excessive turnaround times, to adjust approach

All of this is distilled throughout the five key phases which will evolve your business-client relationship into one of true Deep Value Integration:


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